Music at Folkfest!

We are so excited to announce this year’s musical acts!

(Scroll down for set times)


AJ Ghent Band

“The AJ Ghent Band constructs a soulful-indie rock sound howling from the church to the blues. Their style can be defined as fresh, yet reminiscent on music of times past, electrifying, and rootsy.” (

ari-the-alibis-e1396580662277Ari and the Alibis

“Infusing funk, jazz and samba with blue soul and rock, Ari and the Alibis have created a memorable ear-catching sound.” (


UNRB is a ska-fusion band from St. Petersburg, FL that blends traditional reggae and ska rhythms with modern alt-rock aesthetics.” (

rebekah-pulley-2Rebekah Pulley & the Reluctant Prophets

“Rebekah Pulley is a St. Petersburg, FL based singer-songwriter and performer whose sultry, seasoned voice has been described as jaw dropping, with a tendency to break your heart and shake your soul.” (

dpDropin Pickup

“Experience, passion, and energy embody Tampa-based rock band Dropin Pickup.” (

djDean Johanesen & The 24 Hour Men

“Dean Johanesen plays acoustic guitar-driven fare with a sonic palette that calls on Spanish rumba-style instrumentals, speakeasy-era Americana, and swinging hot club jazz dosed in circus tent hues.” -Leilani Polk

psPaul Sprawl

“Whether documentaries of real world characters met traveling, flights of guitar fascination, or cinematic visions with visual detail, Paul Sprawl’s songs come from a life long creative process reaching far, wide, and deep.” (

wellwornsolesWell Worn Soles

“Known for their harmonies, songwriting and chemistry on stage, Gurf Morlix comments, “Well Worn Soles write, sing and play with consummate charm…” (

cttChant the Trees

rosewood-creek-fishy-logoRosewood Creek

jmJoe Milligan Project

nrNicholas Roberts

Starting at 9am on Saturday morning, WMNF will be airing LIVE from the stage!  The Florida Folk Show and Acoustic Peace Club will have special musical guests TBA!


Music Line-up is as follows:

Saturday November 5 

9 a.m.-12pm: WMNF-FM’s “Florida Folk Show” and “Acoustic Peace Club” Airing Live

12:15-1p.m.: Passerine

1:15-2:15 pm: Joe Milligan Project 

2:30 pm-3:30 p.m.: Rebekah Pulley & the Reluctant Prophets 

3:45 pm-4:45 p.m.: Well Worn Soles

5-6 p.m.: Dean Johanesen Trio

6:15-7:15pm: Dropin Pickup

7:30-9 p.m.: AJ Ghent band

Sunday November 6, 2016:

10-10:45 a.m.: Nicholas Roberts 

11am-11:45: Rosewood Creek 

12pm–1pm: Chant the Trees 

1:15 p.m.-2:15 p.m.: Paul Sprawl 

2:30 p.m.-3:30 p.m.: UNRB

3:45-4:45 p.m.: Ari and the Alibis



Folkfest Music has included great local and regional acts.

If you are interested in performing at Folkfest, email:

Also, Folkfest singers will perform on the Studio 10 television show the week of Folkfest!

The Studio 10 show starts at 9am on CBS

There is always a table near the stage for the performers to sell their discs and merchandise.


Folkfest St. Pete musical guests have included an array of Tampa Bay’s local legends as well as nationally known performers.  Folkfest St. Pete not only presents traditional folk but music of many genres that falls in to our “Good Folk” sensibility.  “Celebration” is our constant theme!



Past Musical Guests Have included:

Indigo Girls at FF 2Indigo Girls (playing at Folkfest, above), Catie Curtis, Patty Larkin, Anne McCue, Martin Sexton, Donna The Buffalo, von Grey, Birds of Chicago, Humming House, Antigone Rising, Rod MacDonald, The Lee Boys, A Fragile Tomorrow, Beth McKee, Delta Rae, The Urban Pioneers, Rebekah Pulley and the Reluctant Prophets, Have Gun Will Travel, The Hummingbirds, Applebutter Express, Geri X, Between Bluffs, The Wholetones, Sarasota Slim, Amandla Tunesmith, Freelow, Ella Jet, Dean Johanesen, Genghis Flan, Kenny Beers Band, JazzPulse, Cope, Hiroya Tsukamoto,  Stumble Creek Station, Jeremiah Hutchison, Oxford Noland, Someday River, Bird Tribe, Rosewood Creek, John Kelly, Joe B., Rider McBride, Katie Talbert, Acho Brother, Brad Myers, Blackbird Morning, The Coteries, Ophelia, Audrey Sinead, Ari Chi, JT Brown, Mountain Holler, Jordan Esker & The Hundred Percent, Chant The Trees Hussar, Keith Johns Band, and many many more.


FF 2014 - Von Grey photo 01 VG-554von Grey (above)

ff 2014 - Urban Pioneers - photo 05The Urban Pioneers (above)

Birds of Chicago, below, photo from the band.

Anne McCue(Anne McCue – above.  The Congress – below.  These photos are from the artists.)


ff 2011 - Live on stage - Martin Sexton (b) 2

(Martin Sexton, above.  Donna The Buffalo, below.   Both photos are from Folkfest St. Pete live performances)Donna The Buffalo at Folkfest 2010 Indigo Girls Kim D

(Above: Creative Clay Executive Director, Kim Dohrman with the Indigo Girls, photo by Enchanted Photography of Saint Petersburg.   Below: The Applebutter Express! photo from the band.) Applebutter Express coming to Folkfest St Pete 2012

Beth McKee coming to Folkfest St Pete 2012

(Above: Beth McKee, Below: Antigone Rising, photos from the bands)

Antigone Rising will play Folkfest St Pete


(Jeremiah Hutchinson at Folkfest – below)

ff 2011 - Live on stage - A Fragile Tomorrow 7above: A Fragile Tomorrow      below: Ella Jet

ff 2014 - Ella Jet

Rebekah Pulley and the Reluctant Prophets (below)

Rebekah Pulley & The Reluctant Prophets at Folkfest St Pete 2011 - photo by Khalid Hameed


The Hummingbirds (above)              Hussar (Below)ff 2015 Hussar photo ff 2015 Have Gun Will Travel photo HGWT 2Have Gun, Will Travel (above)            Geri X (below)folkfest2012_7185 2 Geri X folkfest2012_7231 2 Geri X